Dove Clay Body Wash Review

I bought Dove’s new purifying detox green clay body wash because I saw it on special offer. It’s normal price is a bit expensive. You’d have to really be a fan of this product to spend the £3.99 on this body wash. I do think that in some respects it is worth it’s normal price. However, I think body wash at nearly £4 is too expensive in any case. Even some toothpaste is about the same price now. The price is the only criticism. I probably wouldn’t have bought this product if it hadn’t been on special offer.

I liked how it made my skin feel after I’d used it. Clay is renowned for leaving skin dry. This doesn’t do that though. The moisturisers contained within all Dove’s products are brilliant at preventing the Clay from drying out the skin. It really does feeling like it has properly cleansed skin. It doesn’t leave any unpleasant residue, eg. greasy, stickiness. I suffer from hay fever and I even found that it helped that too. I get rashes on my skin from pollen in the air. If it lands on my hands the rashes come up. I’ve been getting bits of rashes coming up over a few days. They’ve gone down since I had a bath in this body wash. I’ve never had any other body wash do that before. I have to be careful what I use at certain times of the year because if my hands are already getting rashes then any chemicals can make the rashes red raw. Also, I got a runny nose after using the product. In my case that was a good thing because my hay fever blocks up my sinuses and I end up with headaches. As far as it’s anti-pollution cleansing claim is concerned, this is no exaggeration. I feel cleansed without product residue being left on my skin. I never expected it to help aspects of my hay fever. That was an unexpected bonus. I rate this product a 9/10. The price being a bit on the expensive side was the only reason I didn’t give it a 10.


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