Sorting things out and trying to lose weight in the process.

I’ve been busy all day. I basically walked everywhere. I still have to walk back to my Car which I have left about 4 miles away from a relatives house. I popped into the library to enquire about using the smart system as my local library (in the actual town where I live) is barely staffed now. Apparently I have to log into my library account, watch an induction video and then they’ll give me my new card to access the local library during smart only hours. I was about to post my new letting agreement to my landlord when I saw him on the way to the library which saved me a job. I love it when things just work out like that and gives me one less thing to do. I haven’t ever seen my landlord while I’ve been out and about before so that was unusual but very convenient.

I went to an appointment that I had to go to with a service which I’m completing my rehab requirement days. I’ve set up email counselling. Let’s Talk Wellbeing service doesn’t take those with Autism because apparently none of the counsellors in this area that work for the service are qualified to work with additional diagnosis’s apart from straight forward mental health. It was going to be telephone only but I asked if there was any other option due to not always being able to talk on the phone when my anxiety level is high.

I popped into a Gym on the way to my relatives house. I haven’t committed myself to anything but I have all the membership options written down and the promo code for joining online which takes off the membership joining fee. The best deal is the flexible monthly fee of £20 which isn’t a contract and if I don’t use it enough I can just cancel without any penalties. I’m thinking about it but I do want to go back to the Gym as soon as possible. As for today, I need to walk back to my Car from my relatives house, so by the time I get home I’ll have walked about 15 miles back and forward to different places today.