I am just shocked at the things I hear sometimes.

I heard that the ex DMU Vice Chancellor is about to take up a position as a VC at another struggling University. He should never be allowed in that type of role again. Apparently, he already was at another University before DMU and caused just as much troublesome corruption there. Some of the other former DMU management due to the scandal that have left has taken up positions at other Universities. However, those that were made redundant due to the events of the last 8 years at DMU aren’t able to get another job because of things that were put on their records. I don’t see how this unfair practice happens so much. Why should those that live their lives dishonestly, commit fraud and bully can continue to just move on somewhere else without paying for the things they’ve done? Those that were victims of the managements wrongdoings and scapegoats aren’t able to move on so easily. This just isn’t fair and needs to stop. If we never prevent these types getting other top positions then the cycle will just continue.

Seriously, how many more Universities have to be destroyed by this ex VC and his associates? Universities need to be less about money and more about what really matters. The tuition fees are extortionate compared to how many hours that students actually get of tuition. There needs to be a huge overhaul of the way Universities work. I think it would be good if they either took the fees back to £3000 per year or even go back to undergraduate degrees being free (apparently they used to be a long time ago). In many of the Scandinavian Countries still have free tuition for their citizens and even the international student fees are a lot less in places like Norway. The countries that have no tuition fees at their Universities aren’t in the EU.

Then it is worse when it comes out that the money is being spent on the expenses of over paid greedy VC’s that bully and scapegoat their staff below them. This particular VC had his accommodation rent and bills covered. He claimed for holidays and an exclusive London club membership. He gets a job at these struggling Universities and then proceeded to bleed them dry of all their finances while bullying all those lower than him. He gave promotions to those in his group of management which bullied and scapegoated others. If he is given another VC job at a different University he will just repeat all the horrendous stuff he did at his former work places. He may appear to be ‘improving’ the organisations but he has done it through corruption and using his connections within the higher education industry. The way to stop any more damage is banning those that have already caused problems from positions of power. This doesn’t happen. They just get moved and allowed to continue the cycle of abuse.