Probation Services / Memories.

I have been in two minds whether to write about this subject. However, I think that I should talk about Probation services because, in my experience, they don’t seem to be working in reality. Recently, the Probation service is no longer in the locality where I live in the County because the council won’t allow them to rent the rooms in one of their buildings any longer. They used the same building as the Hinckley Times newspaper base. The venue can be hired out for weddings etc downstairs too. The Probation service hasn’t managed to secure a new venue in the local area so now I have to go to the city on my Probation appointments. I’m literally only at these appointments for 5 minutes at the most. That was fine when I was dropping into the local office but it takes me half an hour to drive to the city office and then a 20 minute walk from the Car. If I parked in one of the Car Parks it would probably cost me at least £2 (cheapest) plus petrol. They won’t even consider reimbursing travel expenses unless it’s bus fare. In my area I’ve known quite a few under the service not to even be reimbursed for bus fare.

I’ve had three Offender Managers in less than a year and nearly on my fourth because my current one is going off on maternity leave soon. The first one went to work in another area of the County, the second one also left after going on maternity leave. The current one still hasn’t put in the application to cancel the unpaid work requirement after it became apparent that there was certain things that made me uncomfortable due to my Autism. We weren’t allowed to leave the work placement even for Lunch. I need breaks but they couldn’t make allowances because of the unpaid work requirement rules. It made me very anxious and I discussed it with my offender manager. I wrote a statement for the court application and obtained the medical evidence required from the GP. I did all this back in January. Every time I go to meet with my offender manager I’m told that they’re going to make the application and write their report for it but she’s been saying that for the last 3 months. She goes on maternity next month. They have no idea who is taking on this member of staff’s cases yet. The new person that takes over won’t know me. This one doesn’t know me that well because I’ve been referred to groups and an employment/counselling service to do my rehabilitation activity requirement days.

I felt kind of sad this morning. I remembered that 7 years ago today I went into hospital to be induced. Then my Son was born on 16th April 2012. The fact that I went into hospital on Friday 13th was unsettling for me in itself. I just think of that time and feel like I’ve missed so much of my Son’s life since he has been adopted. I haven’t seen him since he was 14 months old. It doesn’t help that a royal baby may be born on my Son’s birthday. I just have a feeling that Megan and Harry’s baby will be born on that date. That will be hard for me. It makes me think of when I had my own baby and how I was looking forward to that life despite the fact that I got post natal depression which led to me failing in that department. I wish them and any others having a baby all the happiness in the world. I just won’t ever not feel sad or stop missing my own Son. 

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  1. So this probation stuff; in fact all of this prison stuff and courts and shit. Has there actually been any constructive point to any of it at all? Anything?

    I know that being autistic you’re more likely to be pragmatic than to simply comment about how it’s affected you personally, which has obviously been crap, but the thing is it’s supposed to at least be for some sort of greater good even if it does fail spectacularly on an individual level, as it has done.

    But as an onlooker I’m struggling to see any benefit from the whole procedure at all: a lot of money was spent and a lot of trauma was caused simply to satisfy Haynes’ ego: as far as I can tell, the sole reason being “because she can” as the assertions of intimidation by a former Fleet Street journalist who bragged about being shot in the course of her work as a demonstration of how fearless she is seems rather incongruous, to put it very politely.

    And the judges: what can one say? Other than to observe them comprising the notorious Ivory Tower denizens exhibiting a mix of the same whimsy, privilege and pointless vindictiveness, because it’s evident that’s all British justice is now.

    As much as I’m trying to be more relaxed about stuff in general, it’s hard to just stand idly by when I read about your probation fiasco and already knowing it’s a pointless exercise thanks to a vindictive and pointless punishment, something decreed from on high by those who couldn’t be more obvious about being utterly indifferent to your time, money and well-being, things that being a disabled and vulnerable person you already have in very short supply, all for a sub-five-minute box-ticking exercise. An exercise that compounds the already egregious acts committed by a malicious accuser and judiciary who knowingly victimised you as someone they knew to be vulnerable and already a victim of similar circumstances, all conspiring to make you the ideal victim for their cheap bullying.

    It seems to sum up “our” justice system. In a functional society the law is meant to protect vulnerable people like you, not make a victim of you simply because it’s easy. Whatever message they think they’re sending out, the message I’m actually getting is that they’re stupid and nasty, and that they hold all the cards and can do what they want. And the message I am taking away is that I am afraid of them. I am very afraid.


    • Not for a long time. The groups were a bit okay but I met some people that I wish I’d never got involved with due to the drugs link.

      These decisions were made in magistrates court. They didn’t even get to that level. A judge knows the law, unlike magistrates, therefore magistrates court is very easy to manipulate from the CPS and ‘victims’. I know that this can easily happen to me because I am under the others in society. That is another reason why I want to get that law degree. It takes me up a few levels due to the fact that I have worked hard for that improvement in status via a degree.


  2. Yeah, my understanding is that the average magistrate has absolutely no knowledge of the law at all and a magistrate is most likely to be some parish councillor or middle manager with no experience of anything but whose clique give them enough background where suddenly that annoying parent with the indefinable career is suddenly making legal judgements and destroying people’s lives. A schoolteacher friend of mine was offered such a position and quickly went “lolno”, being intelligent enough to see where it was all going, so it seems the recruitment system favours egoists and the clueless. Not exactly a comforting induction into what is likely to be a person’s first encounter with the law.

    My personal first was from my perspective “no biggie, dunno whose fault it is, probably nobody’s, so I’m around and I should try to fix it and suddenly it was vulture central with them all trying to assert how someone else was to blame. That coloured my attitude of the justic system forever as something that just fundamentally didn’t work and if they’re so petty, adversarial and prepared to construe facts in a way that the facts don’t totally represent the *actual* facts they can just shock their heads in their own arseholes until they suffocte. Justice. This is the most appalling example of frat-buy circle jerking I could’ve ever imagined.


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