Overwhemled and in need of a break.

I’m currently finally having a break in the warm. The boiler is working for now but the landlord has decided to replace it due to how much issues are going to cost him. I’m just happy I have heat and hot water now. The last few days have been hard. I had to boil the kettle to wash up, carry a hot water bottle around with me and use the electric shower. I don’t normally do showers but it is a better option than going without. I also washed my hair but shower water made it dry. That is why I normally wash it in the sink. I’m beyond tired! This week has felt extremely overwhelming because of everything that has happened this week. I’ve had to take time out to nap today. I can’t nap all day because I have things to do. I am also busy nearly every day next week. The new boiler is also being fitted on Friday. That  is going to be a long job. People in my home is something I find stressful anyway. I need my own space. I don’t think I would ever feel comfortable living with another person unless we had our own areas of the house. Other people just feel invasive to me. I can’t properly relax around them. I like socialising but only in very small dosages. I was more sociable when I was younger. I like peace and quiet now. I barely get lonely anymore. I don’t get bothered about being single. I probably am a single soul rather than part of a twin flame. Some of us are just designed to walk alone in life. It doesn’t make me upset now that I’m older. That part of me makes me stronger than those that need others to survive in life.