Sensory ‘Sensitivity’ Glasses

I wear pinky-red tinged glasses to control sensory overload from lights etc. Since I’ve started wearing them I have had mixed reactions. I don’t think wearing them in court the day that I got sentenced to Prison was a wise decision. The magistrates looked at me worse than they have previously done when I wasn’t wearing them. It seems like they assume that you’re hiding your eyes out of guilt. And I do think that the glasses make me look harder than I really am. Since then, I have really thought about how people perceive others by what they wear. I had comments before that happened which hinted that people weren’t comfortable with the glasses.

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I went through 30 years of my life before I decided that wearing these types of glasses would help me not become so overwhelmed. I’ve discussed at great lengths on here about how I literally feel everything coming at me when I’m in the outside world. These block out some of that. They filter the things coming through my eyes so there is less for my brain to process all at once. Light is something that I find helpful to filter out when it is bright sun light. Driving in sunlight is a lot more pleasant with these glasses on. Originally I got them for social anxiety but I feel rude talking to people when I am wearing them. The fact that they can’t see my eyes isn’t easy for some neurotypical people and they can easily feel intimidated. I had someone ask me whether they were prescription glasses and do I have to wear them on a voluntary work placement. Then there was a hint made that maybe I shouldn’t wear them on placement due to others being uncomfortable. I never ended up going on that placement anyway because I ended up in Prison the same week that I was due to go on the training day. I’m just focusing on the comment here. There is also a shop down in our town that has banned helmets and sunglasses due to there being some trouble there. I find that discriminative (even though I put them on my head to go into places) because not everyone with tinted coloured glasses are like the trouble makers that caused those rules.

I also get fewer migraines since I’ve had my glasses because my brain isn’t getting overloaded and stressed so much. I haven’t had a meltdown in many months since I started wearing them. I probably should wear them on a daily basis but I don’t do that. I wear them when I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed (eg. migraine materialising or meltdown building up) and/or there is extremely bright sunlight outside. I am aware that those who don’t need these types of glasses assume that they are just being worn purely for some kind of fashion statement. That is not the case. April starts on Monday. This is Autism awareness month plus next week is also Autism awareness week. I will use April to teach others about one aspect of Autism per day (or entry, depending on how often I have time to post). I am aware that a lot of people with Autism are planning to do the same because they don’t feel that the likes of Autism Speaks (US charity) or even NAS (UK charity) speak for them. 

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