Productive week finally finished.

I have had a busy week. I got a lot of things done today. The windows are now clean (not been done in six months, barely could see through them). There is more light in here now. I went for a short walk after getting up late. I ate a whole Easter Egg after I smashed it on the coffee table and it broke into more pieces than I was planning to do. It was rock hard after being in the fridge for a few days so it shattered. I did exercises this evening (muscle toning) so I did try to burn off the excess calories. I also had a veggie stir fry for my main meal to cut down on calories after the chocolate binge. I’m trying not to gain weight again after losing a tiny amount within the last few weeks. I managed to walk passed the Muffins in the supermarket several times over the last couple of weeks without buying them. That is good for me. I’m still drinking soda drinks but I have tried to cut down on them a bit. I’m starting to like the taste of water so I drink that more when I’m at home now than I do cups of tea. Apparently, I am still anaemic. The GP surgery rang me with my blood test results today. They want to do a blood test again in two months. I feel like a human pin cushion. The cat caught my bruise with his claw where I had my last blood test on Wednesday. It stung so much! I’m also getting hay fever. There must be grass pollen in the air because the rash I get every year on my hands is starting to develop on one of my hands. 

I purchased the Feliway diffuser for Mister’s (cat) issues. He has calmed right down since I plugged it in. I really don’t like the smell of it though so I’ve put it in my hallway. I’m sure that no one without Autistic senses could smell it but my hearing and ability to smell the smallest scents is above average. I can only smell it overpoweringly when I’m in my hallway. In the other rooms it is bearable for me because it is less concentrated in the air. The cat hasn’t peed on the carpet or my things since I have started using it so maybe it was more behavioural. I know that there is a cat that looks exactly like Mimi which has come to live in the blocks of flats. It keeps walking passed my window meowing when Mister is sitting at it or outside. He’s now his old playful self. He isn’t stressed at all now. I’m so relieved because he was starting to stress me out too.