Late and disorganised! Trying to solve the Cat’s mystery illness.

I was late for my appointment by half an hour today. That isn’t something I normally do. I literally didn’t remember that I had an appointment until I got a text reminding me. I am never normally that bad at remembering things. I was just exhausted at the end of last week so that didn’t get written in my diary. I’m going to be finishing my Maths level 2 and trying to pass it this time. It has felt like such a long day today. I’ve done a load of housework. I have finally washed my hair. That was getting quite urgent because it was itchy (normally wash it once a week, 3 days late). I get a back ache when I bend to wash my hair which is why I put it off for as long as possible. It looked decent (not greasy) longer due to having my hair done at hairdressers last week.

I have done the cats flea combing today. Luckily, when I wanted them inside to check them, a dog was in the shared garden so they headed inside. I’m still trying to figure out what is wrong with Mister. I’ve taken him to the Vets more than once. They don’t seem to tell me anything but he is stressed. I know that there is something up with him because I’ve known him his whole life and he’s never done this peeing. Also, I don’t think that blood in some of the urine is behavioural either. I’ve heard that it might be kidney stones. Apparently, someone else’s cat had these symptoms and it turned out to be that. There are natural ways of treating them. Something like  a drop of Olive oil in their food? I think that is what they told me. I need to look it up. However, that may move any stones, but if it’s too big to come out of him it isn’t going to be something I can fix without asking for a vet to scan him. Sometimes they have to be removed because they’re literally stuck in there. He seems happy enough most of the time. He is still eating and drinking etc. The only thing I’ve noticed is him peeing a lot. I found a patch of blood by the litter tray this morning so he is definitely not completely right. He is trying to direct me to the issue and I’m desperately trying to figure it out. I can communicate enough with him to know that sometimes it makes him quite unhappy. It must be painful when he does pee outside the litter tray. I don’t think he is in pain all the time. It seems like it comes and goes because he isn’t constantly peeing outside the litter tray in the flat all the time.