I’m making positive steps. :)

I’ve been to the knitting group today. I didn’t want to go but I forced myself to get out. I’m actually getting the hang of knitting now… slightly. I’m starting my open university undergraduate law degree in October 2019. I registered my interest today. I just have to get student finance sorted. I’m getting a bit of my energy back now that my iron levels are building up. I actually also got just over 7 hours sleep two nights ago (before I got my new nightlamp). I’m not suffering from insomnia like previously. Insomnia can all be caused by anaemia. As I am sleeping better then it probably was causing it. I’ve always never slept well but that was a lot more severe than I’ve previously had before. I just felt tired constantly and was basically just not interested in anything. The GP assumed it was Depression but I knew that it didn’t feel the same.  I’ve got my blood test next week to see how high my iron levels are right now. I can feel that they aren’t completely back up yet but higher because I feel more balanced in my ability to function.

I finally have my car back from the body repairers. I have lost a bit of weight having to walk everywhere the last few days. It has cost me quite a bit so I won’t be spending money on anything other than essentials for the foreseeable future. I also need to spend other money I have saved up to redecorate my flat. I have a reflexology appointment at the end of the week. I am having sessions every fortnight at the moment. I truly feel like it is helping. I know that others are quite sceptical regarding ‘alternative therapy’ but I’m starting to feel better. I don’t mind paying for forms of therapy that I can feel working. I’m a lot less stressed since I embarked on trying reflexology. I will have a longer top up session monthly after I’ve had 6 sessions (recommended at first to reset your body). I’m having 45 minute sessions because it’s £20 less than the longer hour sessions. In all honesty, all you need is top up sessions once it is built up.

Anyway, I feel extremely tired after the last few days of walking everywhere. I literally am too tired to think right now, so I’m going to end this entry here. I just want an early night.