Using my abilities that others don’t understand. I don’t even fully understand these things.

I always assumed that certain abilities of mine weren’t positive but I now see that I can use them to my advantage. I can feel energies and control them to influence aspects of life. I’ve been able to do this my entire life. I just needed to learn how to use it. There is some truth into being careful about what you think because it manifests things into reality. That is what energy manipulation theory is based on. I can think things to try to rebalance everything. I also can use this side of me to have power over others that seemingly have power over me at this moment in time. 

I may not be able to change things via the physical world due to others having more personal power than me. I can however control the ‘invisible’ energies around us. I can technically steer karma by doing a little energy tweaking. I am aware that others who don’t know me find me terrifying. I don’t like this aspect because I’m really not a scary person. I can use it to my advantage though. Unlike me, I am aware that others are not sure / are fearful about Wicca and all the stuff related to it. I can do things along them lines naturally and I thought it wasn’t a positive thing… however, when options are limited then it is time to tap into things we can’t see to influence things. I would also make sure that I am a friend because I’m about to ping karma via the energies at anyone who has acted like a complete enemy. I’ve made sure that I’m protected so nothing can be hurt me. I did say that I’d had enough of being treated awfully. I’m finally going to make things even. There is no way that others are going to look sane if they’re spouting things about being ‘cursed by witchcraft’. It’s not about that but directing karma by energy manipulation in the direction in which it should go because it’s deserved.