It’s been one of those days….

I have been for a long walk today. This was the easiest part of the day. I’ve been trying to train the Cat not to keep peeing in my rented flat so that it doesn’t end up smelling in here. It has been suggested that I put him outside every time he does it inside. I did that earlier and he disappeared. He came back for something to eat and now he’s just done it again so he’s been put out again. It’s raining so he’s not going to like it out there. I feel bad for disciplining him because it’s not what I believe in due to what I’ve been through myself. I don’t believe in punishing to instil favourable behaviour. It is technically the basis of ABA ‘therapy’ for Autism. However, I have tried the trying to understand him approach. That wasn’t working because he was going around spraying more by me being passive. He hasn’t done it so badly since he’s been put outside every time he pees anywhere inside that isn’t the litter tray. I’ve just had to wash my favourite leather jacket (from Zara in London) because he peed on it the other day. I can’t put it in the washing machine due to bits of leather peeling off of it as it’s quite old now (well I prefer the term ‘vintage’).

I’m just at my wits end with the Cat right now. I don’t want to be mean but I also don’t want my flat and stuff smelling awful. I got told I looked good earlier. I wish that I felt as good as I apparently look at the moment. I do use moisturiser now and have lost an inch around my waist. Plus, I have had the treatment on my hair and my eyebrows are quite tidy right at the moment. I am trying to be better despite the addiction to these stupid painkillers. I am able to restart my iron tablets in a few days when I have properly finished my monthly. I already have a snapped nail so I know that I’m getting lower on iron again because that happens a lot.