Just feeling stressed!

The whole of today I have just felt extremely stressed. The cat is still spraying everywhere and I haven’t had barely any energy myself. I have tried to clean the cats mess up but it still doesn’t feel properly done to me. We cannot go on like this because it is driving me mad. I just want to feel clean in my environment and the cat isn’t making that a possibility. I hate things being dirty since I was in Prison. That is one of my current huge issues. The cat never used to do this kind of thing. He is about 6 years old and this isn’t normally his character. He’s been to the vet but they’re telling me it’s behavioural. He’s still eating normally and seems happy most of the time. Then he gets grumpy and starts doing his spraying around the flat. He’s been neutered when he was a kitten. I’ve stopped Dave (wandering cat) coming in to my flat but something is still upsetting Mister. I’m trying my best but it won’t stop him doing it.

I don’t feel great myself which doesn’t help because Mister knows I’m too tired to persevere with him today. I just am not myself either. He is able to pick that up because when I’m ill he always reacts to it by following me around. I’ve felt cold and tired all day which has been annoying when trying to do things. I get my energy back and then it goes again. I think I’m getting back to normal but then it reverses again. I know that I haven’t been on iron tablets for long (probably about a week) but I was seeing progress and now my monthly is happening, despite new medication to stop me losing iron, I feel like I did before I started the iron tablets. It’s just stressful. I can’t do anything with my energy levels dropping like a stone all the time.

Facebook is currently down so we literally all have to talk to each other to communicate. That will be a stretch for some of the younger generation who literally has their phone in their hands 24/7 checking things like facebook. I’m not as bad as I used to be. I listen to music via my phone when I’m out walking and barely check facebook or twitter unless I get a notification come up. 

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