First day on new tablets. So far it’s going okay.

I started the new tablets the GP has prescribed so that I stop getting anaemic from my monthlies. I feel okay so far but I’m hoping that they work. I’ve heard that they work in most cases but I am really wanting to finally stop going in circles with getting anaemia all the time. It makes feel tired all the time. I can’t grow my hair or nails properly because they snap. I have a split on my thumb next to my nail which I always get when I’ve had low iron levels. I’ve not done a lot today because I’m not sure what affects the new medication is going to have on me. I’ve got a busy day tomorrow anyway so I’m taking a break while I can in between doing bits around the flat. I have my hair being done on Thursday. I’m having an oaplex treatment alongside a cut and blow dry. The ends are getting better but the bleached ends will benefit from this protein bond treatment. It still is a bit brittle on one side.

I would love it to grow my hair long but that won’t happen unless I do as much as possible to strengthen the bonds in the fibres of my hair. I have had to get used to not touching the ends of my hair when I’m anxious because they caused it to end up in a snappy condition. I know it is hard for most of us but leaving it and only washing it once a week is really the best option for growing hair long. Dye it as little as possible and with temporary wash out colours because the chemicals are less damaging than permanent colour or bleach.

I didn’t sleep well last night so I’m feeling extremely tired today. I haven’t slept well for the last few nights. I have purple bags under my eyes developing. I didn’t take anything to help me sleep because relying on those things makes it’s impossible to sleep without them long term. I’m on enough medication without taking it to be able to sleep too.