Bad night’s sleep and got nothing done today.

I regret watching Netflix last night. I watched the whole of the ‘After Life’ series. I wasn’t planning to do that, but the episodes weren’t that long so I just kept watching until the end of them. I wasn’t able to sleep consistently. I kept waking up due to one reason or another. I got up for the toilet and a drink because I got extremely thirsty. Then the cats wanted to go out while I was out of bed. I let them out but an hour later they decided to meow and jump up at the window asking to come in. I got up to let them in but then couldn’t sleep until approximately half 4. I woke up at half 5. After I fell back to sleep I didn’t wake up until about half 11 this morning. I didn’t take a sleeping tablet because I didn’t want to fall asleep in the middle of watching Netflix. I have done that before and I absolutely hate having to rewind trying to figure out where I dropped off in the story line.

I went straight out for a walk when I got up. This means I got nothing done which I planned to do today already. I am annoyed at myself again for being unproductive. The flat is a mess and it isn’t helped by Mister constantly spraying in the place. He’s still stressed despite me not letting the other cat in for two days. I really don’t know what to do about him. I have looked for that plug in de-stresser in the shops but I can’t find it. He can’t keep doing that because it’s getting ridiculous now. He’s never been this stressed and kept weeing up everything and then doing it in the litter tray too. He can’t need to go, he’s just spraying because it’s behavioural. 

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