Weird dream last night :/

I had a weird dream last night. It wasn’t too nightmarish. I wasn’t scared but I still don’t know what it means. Although, I did write it down because something told me that it had some kind of meaning.

It went as follows (this is from the notes I made when I woke up): Big modern building, clinical looking. Crowds of people going up and down the wide stairs. In the first crowd that I came into was the person that has the restraining order against me. The crowd of other people and both of us walked into a room full of prisoners on beds reading books. I walked back down to the reception area. I went outside but decided to go back in. I then walked back up the stairs to another crowd of people minus the other person. We were waiting at a double door. Announcement made regarding patient having been sectioned. We were all invited through those doors. We walked down a long corridor this time. At the end of this long corridor there was a very premature looking baby in one of those plastic hospital cribs. It had a huge white plaster stuck over it’s face. I said ‘they’ll be sectioning babies next’. The baby moved it’s arms as I approached the side of the plastic crib. Then the woman behind the reception desk next to us says that I comforted it.

I woke up absolutely baffled at that point. I should have probably been afraid. The subject and setting would have most likely have scared a lot of people. It was weird but I was so sure it meant something that I woke up and wrote it down. I don’t normally do that but I forget most details of any dreams about half an hour after I wake up.

2 thoughts on “Weird dream last night :/

  1. Dreams can be so interesting. Like you I always wonder the meaning behind them or why did I have that dream. Thank you for sharing.



    1. Probably my hang ups manifesting in dreams. I really want to be a Mother again. Despite the fact that I wasn’t sure the first time around when my son was forcibly adopted. A baby with no face. Someone I miss but can’t speak to or see appearing in my dream says it all really.


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