The cat is ‘stressed’ :/

I took Mister to the Vet today because he had been spraying everywhere and generally acting quite grumpy. There was nothing physically wrong with him. However, he is stressed. The Vet thinks it is other cats which visit from the neighbourhood. I have stopped letting Dave in and we haven’t had an incident today. There’s a new cat which has moved into the surrounding area that both mine don’t seem to want to be around. They don’t want to go out when that cat is outside in the communal garden. It looks like a kitten (or at least no more than 1 year old) and it has been meowing at my window during the night for the last week. I think that it has seen Dave stroll in and presumes that this is an open house for cats. Mister always goes to the window when it is meowing and when it first appeared he went outside to see it. Dave finally got the hint to go back to wherever he is calls home at the moment. I didn’t want to do that but Mister is obviously really stressed out with other cats at the moment.

He is fine with his sister because they literally have grown up together from day one and were from the same litter. They work together very well. They are very skilled at tactically reminding me its food time. He protects her and cleans her like cats do. There are times that they do fight but that is mostly playful sibling type rivalry. They never majorly fall out because they’ve got a close bond.  If the cat feels stressed then he would never cope as a human. We have so much more to do and we can’t get people off of our territories that easily due to many humans thinking it is fair gain in most aspects of life. Both the cats were distressed when I went to Prison.

Mister has never really settled since then because he’s afraid I’ll disappear. And, Apparently, Mimi ran away the first few days I was locked up. They feel things from me and I’m aware that Mister acts differently when I am not well. Mimi likes to fall asleep next to me as part of her routine at night, Imagine how empty that would have felt for her. They had someone coming in to feed them but they were lost. We are family and they’re just like my children. I got separated from them all because of the mess that should have been sorted out before it got into the polices hands. That would have happened if there hadn’t been so much unhelpful crap going on at the university. And then they played me and one of their staff against each other for over 4 years. They’ve left me quite unwell getting all sorts of PTSD type symptoms.