Starting to make a bit of progress. Fighting Anaemia head on and I’m determined to win!

I know that this doesn’t sound much to those that have the energy to do tasks but I managed to vacuum in every room of my flat today without having to split it up over a few days. I’m feeling slightly better but the level of iron isn’t settled in me yet so I have been losing energy all of a sudden over the first week of taking them. I had my reflexology appointment today. That always leaves me relaxed. I then went over to a relatives house and assisted them with something they didn’t want to do on their own. I went to pick up a few bits that I’d ran out of on the way home from there. I not only vacuumed the whole flat but also went out for a two hour walk afterwards. While also keeping an eye on the cat because he keeps peeing everywhere (well he lifts his tail to spray a lot recently). He uses the litter tray so I’m thinking that it is more behavioural rather than infection.

I’ve booked him into the Vets tomorrow morning for a Nurse to check him over. He’s my reduced priced pet so I’d rather let the Nurse check him over for a much smaller fee at the first instance. Mimi is the one that has free cover at the PDSA. I can swap them every time I have to reregister but Mimi had to have an operation for her teeth against Mister having to have his nails trimmed when I registered with my housing benefit paperwork last time. The operation for Mimi was going to cost a lot more than the basic grooming services for Mister.

Anyway, I managed to get up and out to my first appointment at quarter past 10 this morning. I had no desire to go straight back to bed because I felt extremely tired. That pull towards my bed no longer existed. It was less challenging to just get myself ready today.  However, tomorrow I am having to coax Mister into him box before we actually get to his early appointment. That is always unpredictable taking into the factors of how me and the cat feel and if they go into the box straight away or they need a bit of a push. I really want a better box to put them in because the box they have is about 30 years old and modern ones are a lot more lightweight and comfy. I certainly wouldn’t like to travel in that box. I would like one of those multiple pet carriers so that I can take them both to the Vets at times when they are due vaccinations and other treatments that would be overall cheaper if they could travel together using less fuel.

In another news, I’ve started losing weight again. 3lbs lost this week once I had built my iron levels back up. The imbalance was causing my weight to go up. If it knocks things like your Thyroid out of synch then it impacts on weight because an underactive thyroid causes weight gain as it slows your metabolism down so calories aren’t burnt off so fast. The overactive thyroid is more helpful than it’s opposite when it comes to those of us that want to stay slim. This overstimulates metabolism so that calories are burnt off faster than average. Neither extreme state is healthy. This part of your body really does have to remain balanced. I’ve heard stories from my Father’s friends about Thyroid imbalances leading to relatives a while ago being committed to mental asylums but then after the next generation learned more about the extreme cases of Thyroid imbalances caused psychotic breakdowns. Most of those episodes aren’t as frightening as they sound. An example I can take from real life (happened to one of my Dad’s friends), people can see things that aren’t there. They start talking about Fairies around them which are definitely not there to others. I don’t need to worry about these potential side effects of having anaemia providing my iron levels stay balanced enough not to knock out other functions.