It’s her fault!

I haven’t been well because of the horrendous crap she who doesn’t want to be named on here has done to me. The stress that I was put under for 4 years was not right. They aren’t the one that suffered. I wouldn’t be this way if they hadn’t done what they did to me. And now the university has crap coming out about it the finger is being pointed at them. That is because the other person is actually a complete narcissist who won’t accept that the way she treated me caused me damage. Blaming the university is a convenience. I was not hardly ill when I first met them and as time has gone on I’ve become physically unwell. It’s like they are some kind of witch. I was never this ill after I lost my son to adoption. I have been destroyed by her and she has played the victim. I was first and reacted. This has to stop before it kills me. There’s definitely something cast on me to harm me and she has done it or asked someone to target me. Please can people finally see that she is victimising me.