Update on the DVLA situation. And, I’m off for a early night. Also, a mini lesson in Anaemia (currently the bane of my existence).

I’m sure that this is old news, but I’d just like to confirm the update from my last entry discussing what we’d discovered. I apologise in advance because I have taken my sleeping tablet to have an early night. I am going to find it a challenge to write coherently when it kicks in.

Anyway, the DVLA have now changed the wording on their website about declaring an Autism/ADHD diagnosis to them after this was highlighted over the last couple of days. They now make it clear that individuals with this diagnosis only have to disclose if the condition has any detrimental affect on their driving capabilities. There was a lot of distress caused to the Autistic Community because we were assuming that we had to declare that we were diagnosed on a compulsory basis.

I’m pleased that I managed to get more things done today than I have been able to do recently. I am still lacking energy but I think it’s slowly going the other way because I have been on iron tablets for a few days now. Anaemia is quite debilitating when it gets to the level where it’s pinned you to your bed due to lack of energy. I’m not walking or exercising as much yet because I’m trying to build my energy back up without knackering myself before I’ve truly recovered. It’s kept coming back which is really irritating. I eat healthy things but I’m pretty sure it is my monthlies that cause it. I’m hoping the other tablets stop the cycle of iron loss otherwise it’s a never ending circle of constantly getting anaemic. I long for the energy I used to have and the fact that this condition also causes insomnia messes up the balance of your body which leads to extreme difficulty functioning in daily life. It can even make you go a bit crazy because it puts pressure on your Thyroid etc. It sometimes stops organs like kidneys working properly because red blood cells are required for many organs to function as they carry oxygen around. I’m not about to be Dr Google. I have learned more about what I have wrong with me to be able to proactively treat it so that one day it’s completely balanced enough to stop it returning so often or hopefully not at all.