I’m frustrated with myself!

I get really frustrated with myself when I cannot function properly. I missed my blood test this morning. I literally woke up at the time that I had the appointment. That annoys me due to the fact that I tried to make sure I got up by going to sleep by half 9 last night. I had to have a nap in the middle of the day due to being beyond tired. I had been out doing my weekly food shop. That turned into a mad experience. The amount of people out at the supermarket today made parking manic. I just managed to find a parking space. I then tried to get out of the town but that was mad too due to roadworks and a road closure because a lorry crashed into it. I managed to get some things done when I woke up from my nap.

I went to get my medication this afternoon only to discover that they couldn’t get some of it. Luckily it’s only the one’s I have to take four times a month. They gave me one packet and told me to come back for more next week.

I feel stuck because of constantly being tired. I know that I cannot help it but I blame myself. I’m very annoyed at myself for falling asleep this morning which resulted in me missing my blood test. I can’t even straighten my hair because it seems like a huge job. I don’t know how I’m going to lose weight if I can’t stay awake. I do walk when I have the energy but I can’t do that every day now. I started taking the iron tablets today so I’m hoping that, if it is due to anaemia, they will help me not be so tired. I make no progress being this way. I try my hardest but it’s not working. I can only fight so much before it results in me getting so tired that I have to go for a nap because my legs get heavy. I just want to feel better so that I don’t feel stuck in an endless cycle of non-productive days due to lack of energy.