GP appointment done. More medication.

I can’t say that I am thrilled by the solution that I’ve been given from the GP but I’m prepared to try the medication that I’ve been offered. I have been told to start taking my iron tablets again because my last tests for anemia came back saying I had low levels of iron. I raised my concerns about the fact that it makes my monthlies unbearable. I am now prescribed another tablet to take 4 days a month to ensure that the iron building up doesn’t come out when I am on a monthly. I have slept so much over the past twenty four hours but I’ve been feeling dead on my feet all day. I forced myself to do the cleaning and tidying of my Flat. This was mainly due to not wanting a lecture about being disorganised and messy when my Mother came round to come the GP with me. I’ve gone out for a bit of fresh air. I dropped my prescription into the Pharmacy. I picked up my anti depressants prescription that was due to be collected today. I just popped into the library before they close for a while. I can’t pick up my other medication until tomorrow anyway but it’s now in there being processed. I have another early blood test in the morning to check my iron levels. I seriously am sick of feeling like a pin cushion every couple of months.

I’m wearing my mini mirror charm around my neck. This is the first day I’ve actually worn it on me. I had it in my home for 2 ish months. The purpose of it is to reflect harm back to those that have the intention of doing wrong things towards me. It is a proper mirror, not one of those stick-on mirror reflection stickers. I purchased it from my favourite Pagan store in Glastonbury. There are a vast amount of inauthentic Pagan things being sold online. This one is extremely good and that part of the Country is quite into Paganism. I’ve been up to Glastonbury Tor when I was a teenager at the time I was living down there. It was the time of the year when the Pagan women were up there in traditional style clothing and a box full of festival related objects. Although I cannot prove whether these things actually work, isn’t it funny how the whole University situation has come out since this charm has come into my possession?