Impacts on my future that I will most likely have for life.

I’m the one who seemingly always gets the finger pointed at me for causing long term damage. The things that have been done to me have damaged me long term. I wake up a lot from nightmares. Although that is nothing in comparison to never being able to enter any kind of relationship. I fear others backstabbing me or abusing me because they see me as weak due to my autism etc. I don’t want to emotionally invest if the other person doesn’t care about me or is just using me. I don’t trust anyone. I won’t get into a relationship because I fear my autism may be taken the wrong way and subsequently I may get accused of things falsely. I don’t want to take that risk. I’m still unsettled due to certain things being left the way they are between me and someone else. I tried to sort it and explain why it distresses me but they got me sent to prison and then more recently started referring to me as their stalker via a Twitter post. Due to how they treated me and other things in my past, I cannot do relationships because I’m fearful of accusations due to my autistic traits. I won’t ever be able to relax and this is exhausting in itself. Consciously swerving people and potentially relationships feels stressful but  I am naturally like that now. I haven’t had a romantic relationship ever because right from my school days the way I got treated by other people conditioned me to never go there. I’m trapped in this way of life due to my past experiences.