Local issues.

I saw a bus from the other side of the County drive through here today. Both of the Campuses for this particular College are half an hour drive away from the locality where I live. However, they are class under a different district council. That isn’t my argument though. It seems that all the money goes to that side of the County but our part doesn’t get as much and never has done. The local college just outside this area used to have its own shuttle bus service too but they no longer have it due to lack of funding. The City is allocated more funding for their services but they don’t have as wider area to cover as the County combined. These district councils aren’t really worth funding. I am still really keen on the idea of combining the County and City Councils and axing the separate district ones.

This isn’t to save money. The idea would mean that funds can be spread out and areas (like this side of the County) who don’t get much funding will get more of an equal share to go towards their services. We have always been the worse funded council in the whole Country. This has been the same for many years. I’ve got to the point where I see this locality never progressing. I’m anti-drugs but the reality is that people are turning to that lifestyle through this area being completely dead ended. There is no opportunities here which is partly the case due to lack of funding. It is like none of the officials in the Councils give a damn about this part of the County. At the moment the public bins aren’t even being emptied over here. I walked passed a load of them today that were either over flowing or had bin bags underneath them waiting to be taken away. We are lucky that the bins at our flats are emptied every week because other parts of this side of the County have their bins collected every fortnight.

I grew up in this area. I went school in the locality where I’m currently residing. There has been absolutely no progression here since I was a child. The other side of the County and the City continue to get money injected into their services and get better all round health care (mental health included), schooling and social care facilities. Meanwhile, over here, we have failing schools, social care that isn’t consistent or effective in caring for the most vulnerable and our health facilities are virtually useless… especially when it comes to mental health services. I had to go out of area to get given the diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome when I was initially labelled Autistic. I saw services here throughout my school days for years but they just wouldn’t diagnose me despite Autism having been suggested by professionals when I was as young as 11. It is like we live in an invisible location when it comes to services that can actually improve lives of people within the community.