I have worked extremely hard for many years.

I am absolutely sick of people who accuse me of not working hard enough in any aspect of life. The fact that I cannot always write things that read right is part of my learning disabilities. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t put any effort into whatever I have written. Yes, the editing on that first book was a bit lacking but it still tells my earlier life story. I have put so much effort into everything that I’ve done in life. I have always remained enthusiastic and on task even through the worse times of my life. That is hard when you’re being kicked down from all directions. I have worn myself out at this present time. I’m not a lazy person. There is only so much a person can rise against continued adversity without reaching this burnt out stage. I’m at that point. I didn’t stop for a long time. Then physically my health decided to let me down due to stress building up over years of painful emotional events. I wish that I had the ability to do things like I previously could. I have tried but failed because I’m exhausted.

I know that some people don’t like my approach to things. I have that pushy way because of how I’ve been treated in my past. I got sick of people and their bullsh*t. I believe that if we don’t push for things then nothing will improve for those of us who are different. We won’t get changes to happen by asking nicely. We don’t have much choice but to adopt an outspoken and direct manner.