I cannot function properly! It’s driving me mad now.

I can’t even walk without getting exhausted and literally so clumsy that I trip over my own feet! I’m fed up of being like this because I am getting nothing done. I’m living in chaos due to not having the energy to clean and tidy flat completely. I get half way through something and literally start feeling exhausted. I then have a break but can’t rebuild the energy to go back to finish a task that day after I’ve lost energy for a while. I cannot stay like this but the GP is unhelpful. The tests I’ve had already have come back within normal range. There’s definitely something wrong because I shouldn’t be like this and I also feel horrendous with the exhaustion.

I’m getting annoyed at myself because illness is turning me into someone that I never used to be. I feel restricted. I also get pissed off with myself for being lazy. I feel lazy anyway because I used to be so much more active than I’m currently able to be due to exhaustion. I don’t even have enough energy to type a daily blog entry any more. That doesn’t even require me to move, only think. I cannot even think when I’m this exhausted. Exhaustion should not leave someone unable to function. Exhaustion should not even happen after a few tasks in a day. I feel trapped in my own body. I barely straighten my hair now because that task completely wipes me out. I only wash it when it gets matted and that makes my lower back hurt. I can’t function on a daily basis and I’m hoping that the GP listens to me about all this because it’s been going on for 2 years or more. I’ve lost count of how many times I have been the GP for my monthly issues and these issues. Depression doesn’t cause all these things. It definitely isn’t mental health related. The fact that I seem to be getting worse in regards to exhaustion and clumsiness/coordination means I am really wanting the GP to find out what is wrong as soon as possible. I can’t live like this and I’m afraid that soon I won’t be able to get out of bed much.

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