I’m not the bad person. I have just been scapegoated.

After certain things coming out regarding the University recently I want to say how I truly feel because it’s eaten me up for ages. I first got into trouble because of the way the University handled my case. Then it didn’t help that someone else was involved who was a nasty piece of work when it came to their views and beliefs. In between the both of those influences this made me scapegoated for the whole situation when it crumbled.

I have spent so long blaming myself for everything and thinking I’m an awful person. I needed a friend but met a person who was too far up their own backside to think of anyone but themselves. They always have to believe that they are right and what they want or believe is how it has to be. A master of twisting the facts because of their Journalist profession. I don’t want to go into someone’s personal life on here but I can see why they had the reprisals they’ve had in the past because I’ve been on the other end of one of their smear campaigns. I desperately wanted to believe that they were a good/nice person for a very long time. I now realise that there is nothing decent about them at all. I’m not the bad person. I just wanted a friend at the time and all they did was throw accusations at me. I now find out later this is because of the personal choices that I’ve made which conflict with their archaic beliefs. I may not have been married when I had my Son but that gave them no right to treat me the way that they did. I’d been through enough before I met them. I needed kindness but instead they let me down and then punished me for retaliating. They are a narcissist and they’ll never see what they’ve done. They’ll always see and paint themselves as the victim. The stress has made me ill and I will NEVER be the same again. Let’s get this straight. I was the one who had their life ruined, not the other person. They aren’t the victim like they make out that they are and I never stalked them. I simply never gave up trying to talk them round regarding the length of the order which was imposed. 

As for the University itself. They ignored every attempt to sort it out before I ended up retaliating against the tutor via email. I got a message back from them after everything had blown up simply saying it was in the courts and the local police’s hands now. The matter was up to them to resolve. Shortly after this I ended up in Prison for not being happy about the restraining order being indefinite. I had approached the University first but got that abrupt message back from them. I then get a letter just after coming out of Prison about repaying my outstanding student loan back. I rang up student finance who told me to write to the finance department at the University to ask that the loan be written off due to the circumstances. I never received a reply about issue. They legally have 21 days to answer your query. 6 months later I still haven’t heard anything. Then I hear that several of the finance departments team have recently walked out after the departure of the vice chancellor. The overspending on lavish things by the VC probably means that the University is broke. There is an investigation being held over regulatory issues at the moment. However, I’m sure that they can afford to write off approximately £900 worth of tuition fees given the circumstances in regards to how badly they let me down aside from everything else it spiralled into.