Overdid it yesterday and my DMU experience.

I feel like I’m getting a migraine day. I did sleep well after that very long walk though. I was knocked out for hours last night and some of this morning. I’ve started having my main meal earlier in the day because I settle better at night. It also helps with weight control. That is something that I desperately need to do because I gain weight stupidly easily now. We ate our main meal at 4 to half 4 in Prison and I got very skinny. I just have to mimic that environment on the outside. The epic walk I did yesterday was probably the equivalent of going up and down the many amounts of flights of stairs to our cell/wing areas and activities. I am trying to cut down on pepsi max etc. I don’t want to stop drinking it though. I have started drinking more water in place of the tea I normally make at home. I am just having 5 minutes break after doing things around the flat. I am planning to have a little nap because of my headache to see if that gets rid of it. Mister (cat) is already asleep next to me.

I’ve read the various things coming out about DMU recently. I’m hardly surprised about a lot of the things that have happened there. In 2014, I felt that there was a fear within the place when it came to those in higher up positions. I felt that everyone was acting scared. I didn’t know why but it kind of makes sense now the VC has stepped down and others have gone since his departure. I hope that those that are left at the University can repair all the damage that their management have caused.

I’m still quite hurt and angry about what happened to me. I don’t want to go into full details because I don’t like to think about it now. I started there in 2014 as a student on an Undergraduate course. They were fully aware of my ASD. I was also honest about losing my son to adoption just before I started there. I went to every part of the University to get support. This was the counselling, mental health, NAS support and learning support department. Information then got passed on to the security department that asked me what my intentions were due to disclosing my criminal record. I tried to explain to them that I had no malicious intentions and that it was my Autism that led to previous records.  I kept in contact with all those departments to prevent myself getting an exclusion/suspension. Anyway, somehow the information made it’s way to the head of security (ex police officer).  I had a meltdown in front of him because I was trying to tell them how they were expecting me to be something I couldn’t be. After being unable to do what I was asked due to my Autism, I was told to withdraw from my course and they’d ask for my tuition fees to be written off.

I wouldn’t do that because I really wanted to keep my place. I then got hauled up in front of the various important figures at Trinity House (I think that is the buildings name). In fact, on that panel was the ex student president (the one that had to leave due to finding out that the VC had awarded David Cameron an award to do with his work for the LBGT community, however, in return for a knighthood). I was suspended in February 2015 after this meeting. I was still told that I wasn’t to do anything that was to do with my Autism that I wasn’t able to help. I was set to go back in September 2015 because the suspension was for a year. I then sent a message on facebook to the tutor I used to have because I missed her. I got excluded for that even after I told them my Autism doesn’t always make it easy. NAS refused to work with me if I came back after my original suspension was over. I wasn’t supported at all despite going all over that university. I was sent a letter after I was first suspended telling me to write to the VC if I wanted to overturn the suspension. I followed the instructions and then got treated even worse. I didn’t know that this VC was a tyrant. I could only see that everyone acted scared when going about their jobs. I ended up saying things in anger to the tutor after I got kicked out for good and then the Police got involved. This is what led to the restraining order, probation and finally a short Prison sentence. I now have PTSD from the experiences caused by the Universities actions on top of what I had already experienced in my life.