Today has felt a challenge. / #valnay #happilysingle :)

I walked 11 miles today. I don’t know how but that is the furthest I’ve ever done in one walking session. I am being told off by my feet now but a Bath helped get around them feeling that sore. I felt extremely tired when I got back but also managed to do some of the housework. I now have very little energy which I’m hoping leads to a decent nights sleep. I could do with a full night’s sleep as I haven’t had one for a while. I wake up during the night a lot which is annoying because I never actually feel properly rested when I wake up in the morning. I have a Migraine coming on. I probably did overdo the walking a bit but I feel better for it mentally. And another good thing is that I can fit into a Medium Asian (Chinese) size coat which I received through the post today. I’m glad because it’s to replace my main coat that I’ve had since I was a teenager. That is still okay but bits are starting to go on it. I’m just pretty chuffed that I can fit into a Medium Chinese size because they’re very petite people. I was worried about not being able to fit but it is perfect. It is like it was made for my exact measurements. I absolutely love it. The zip is a two way one so you can have the bottom unzipped to change the style a bit.

Valentines Day tomorrow. I’m just not bothered with it all… so it’s #valnay (instead of #valyay) for me. I’m #happilysingle and couldn’t imagine having a partner or even going on a date. I’m too used to being on my own. Dating or even having a boyfriend/girlfriend (not a clue in how I swing) just seems alien to me. I am aware that others don’t think it’s normal because they see that kind of thing as important in their lives. It just doesn’t mean anything to me whatsoever. If that makes me look uncool then I don’t particularly care. I’ve been hurt way too many times in my life to willingly walk into a situation where my heart may get broken again. I will never emotionally invest in anything or anybody again. Then I shall avoid feeling hurt ever again. Some times it is much better to be cold and disconnected. It is less stressful and no one can add any more emotional damage which takes time to repair.