Alternative therapy seems to have worked for me :)

I have brilliant news. I never thought that I’d see the day that I saw the back of my girly issues but it is finally happening. I went for one reflexology session a week ago. The first one of many that I plan to have because I felt a lot better after my session. The previous session I had was over an hour long but I’ve decided to have a 45 minutes session per week. I came on my monthly and it is absolutely normal now. It hasn’t been normal in at least 3 years. I wasn’t expecting results so fast. I was told by the person doing the treatment that there was a lot of stress built up in my body. The fact that I was also not well a day after my appointment was apparently a good sign that my body was responding to treatment.

I felt a bit off over the last few days but it’s starting to go the other way now. I think that I may have a cold because I keep getting a runny nose. I’m slowly getting my energy back a little bit. That hasn’t happened in a long time either. I’m feeling less bloated and more settled now that I’ve gone passed that dodgy part of my monthly cycle where I am naturally extremely wound up. I wasn’t happy with the lack of process when I went to the GP. I also didn’t know that the painkillers was affecting my organs so much. I made a huge effort to come off of them this week and hopefully I’m going to stay off of them.

I honestly can’t believe that I’ve been suffering with my monthlies for nearly 3 ish years and after one alternative therapy session (reflexology) that has now cleared up. I was open minded but sceptical because medically all my tests had come back totally normal. It was most likely just built up stress. I have had to internalise things because I’ve been punished for releasing my stress via meltdowns etc. I did try to tell others that what was happening caused me to be ill but I wasn’t listened to and punished even more. I wasn’t making it up. And this just proves it.