I am trying to ditch the painkillers cold turkey style again after running out of them this week. The withdrawal symptoms aren’t pleasant at times. I feel on edge because after 3 days of not having any my body is starting to miss them. I’m also around that time of the month which doesn’t help when trying to get through the painkiller withdrawals. I get bad PMS anyway. I will just disagree with anything anyone else up to a fortnight before my monthly because my hormones make me moody. I feel bloated and moody right now anyway. That doesn’t help trying to cope with how awful coming off of painkillers makes me feel as well.

The positive thing is when they’ve finally been out of your body for a week or so you start to not have withdrawal symptoms anymore. That seems a long way off right now. I’m starting to look better in my face. I looked absolutely horrendous for a few days before the painkillers flushed out of me. I have tried to help it along by drinking water and using the detox footpads that I keep in stock (bought a pack of 200 a few years ago but haven’t used them consistently. I’ve been wearing them on a daily basis since stopping the painkillers. I know that people don’t believe in them but if it does pull anything out of your skin then it will quicken the process of totally getting rid of painkiller toxins in me. I can’t cut corners because only time can decrease the withdrawals I’m experiencing.

I’m hoping that I can get some energy back because feeling exhausted all the time is annoying. I also get barely anything done. I got my energy back when I was in Prison and I weren’t allowed the painkillers for the month that I was in there. I wouldn’t have ever gone back on them if I hadn’t purchased them when I had a migraine a few weeks after I came out. I regained the weight that I’d lost and then some which didn’t make me feel great. I know that drinking pepsi max/diet pepsi is not going to help in the weight department. I only have 1 to 2 small bottles a day and I drink more water now. I only had a diet coke once via canteen which was warm and unpleasant so I didn’t have another one for the next 3 weeks until the day after I was released. I felt better with less weight on me. I feel heavy now and my thighs look huge to me. I’m hoping that this goes down when I start exercising more regular. I feel too heavy to exercise which is really preventing me from being active enough to lose it. I am also determined to stop eating breakfast cereal during the night. This doesn’t help trying to burn excess weight. This is the first night I haven’t done that and I didn’t do it the other night because the milk had gone off.