Tonight is not a settled night.

I feel quite sick. I just cannot settle tonight. I did drop off to sleep but I had a nightmare. I’m now awake again feeling stressed. I keep dreaming of Prison and just memories of that place make me feel unsettled. It wasn’t the worse one that I could have ended up in but it has still left me with scars. I just couldn’t cope with the environment. I put on a smile at all times but it was killing me inside. I didn’t even spend my entire sentence due to appeal. Even a month behind bars left me traumatised. I saw terrible things behind those walls that will stay with me forever. The same with others I came across at probation group. That also led to experiences that still give me nightmares. My sons adoption already affected me badly before all of this happened. I am just totally traumatised. I can barely settle and that mentally is burning me out. I just need proper rest. I can’t get that due to how things have left me. I long for proper sleep!