Today has been a reasonable day… for a change.

I have felt exhausted all day due to lack of sleep but I have managed to get a lot done. I’ve sent my Ebay parcel (someone brought the handset that I purchased by accident). I just need to update the status of delivery and tracking number when I get home. I’ve popped into the library because I’m dodging the horrible weather today. I have my shopping with me as I parked the car quite a distance to avoid car parking charges.

I’ve had to use the printer here because I need to fill in a damn form to get all the data that the Police National Computer hold on me. I don’t want to see any of this stuff but I have to access it to build a case to prove that as an Autistic person I was failed by the local authorities around here. I am able to obtain transcripts of anything held on the PNC, which will include correspondence between departments. I am going to ask that any personal details regarding others that may be involved in that information is blacked out (eg. addresses etc). I’m only interested in what has been said and whether it is an accurate representation of events. I have requested the data from the county council via email which was a lot simpler that trying to get every single detail out of the Police. They have so much security compared to the council. I’ve asked for all information regarding my son too because I know that I was failed during that case. I haven’t had anything back from the NHS enquiry yet. I may have to go directly to my GP for those records. I am aware that some have been stored in one of the local hospitals over in the city… probably to hide things which is why I’m definitely going to be digging those out during this task.

I really need to continue writing my book but I have so much to do around my flat. I am constantly distracting myself completing my wordsearch magazines that I got the other day due to the competitions they contained. I can do them really fast but they are extremely distracting because I can be doing them for hours when I should be doing other things which are much more important.