I have to take a brave step.

I have made the decision to access all my records in the entire system (social services, NHS, schools etc). In this current stalker awareness climate with all the media coverage on the television I need to prove that I am not like those that are shown on those programmes. I am not capable of most of those behaviours. I only got into trouble the way that I did due to my Autism. I would never do anything if the circumstances didn’t call for it. I reacted to things. I did not do it maliciously. I was rightfully angry at those times. I don’t want to access all my records but I can only prove that the system failed me and subsequently wrongly labelled me. I can only go to a solicitor with written evidence. I can only find that evidence through accessing these records. I’ve been frightened to take this step because I have already seen hurtful wrong things in my records.

Under health and safety regulations, my records could be accessed by anyone who comes up with a plausible reason under those clauses. That will then be assumed to be the truth. I can’t let those incorrect negative information stay on my record. I’ll never get the proper help and support from the system if I let awful inaccuracies stay on them. I was watching a programme tonight about the University student that was stalked and killed by an ex who had a previous record for that kind of behaviour. I strongly do NOT want people  to assume I’m in the same league as someone like that by any thing which isn’t true on my record. I have Autism. I am not a Psycho or evil. Those that have known me all my life are aware that these assumptions are simply not true. I admit I’ve got angry over things but the worse I can do is message something at that point and meltdown when I’m overwhelmed. I’m not able to physically fight let alone physically attack someone. I certainly couldn’t kill someone. I fear a witch hunt of anyone who has displayed certain behaviours in their lives. That is why I have to sort out the crap that I’ve had written on my record (most of those things were probably based on assumption because when I was growing up they had no understanding about Autism in schools or even local authorities). I may get attacked by others but I have to be vocal about how different people like me are in comparison to those that appear in these highlighted cases which are due to be broadcast on television. I’m not afraid of going up against the media and believe me I’ve heard everything. I’ve been called everything, so nothing shocks me anymore. The key is learning not to be intimidated. That is the only way people can speak up to change the assumptions made by those in our society.