Well that’s another mystery officially solved….

I decided to try Reflexology today. I was getting no joy with the GP every time I went to them about my various problems I’m experiencing in regards to horrendous monthlies etc. I was feeling ill nearly all the time so I had to try other things. The fact that I was exhausted all the time meant I had to find a solution because I never get anything done properly. 

Anyway, from the first long session as an initial appointment I found out a lot from what she saw on my feet. I didn’t even have to tell her about the pain killer abuse as she could see it all on my feet. Apparently my Kidney’s are extremely stressed. I have slightly underactive thyroid at the moment alongside it at the moment. I am sure that my thyroid goes up and down because I feel things at times when my mood changes dramatically. The reason that I feel water in my ankles and round my joints after exercising is that my the stress my Kidney’s are under is filling up my lymph nodes in those places. I got a headache during the session but I felt much better after I came out of there. The toxins were most likely going upwards as the chair was in the position where everything she was getting out my ankles would go upwards. I’m apparently dehydrated but I hadn’t drank a lot before my appointment and what I did drink probably didn’t help because I took my anti depressants with Pepsi Max before I drove there.

When I told her what I had been through in regards to my Son’s adoption and the last few years she said that it explained the stress that she could feel stuck inside my body by what my feet were presenting to her. Apparently the fact that I can’t sleep due to feeling wound up is understandable with that much stress pent up inside my body. I knew that I weren’t imagining things and due to my Autism the fluid in my ankles were literally really bugging me in regards to my sensory issues which make things feel overwhelming. I haven’t felt as chilled out as I do now in a long time. I did feel like there was actual pressure building up inside me and I literally couldn’t settle. I know that this has been happening for a long time. At times it has made me feel like I’m descending into madness. I always had an idea that my hormones weren’t right from a young age. I have been to the GP about it but they told me that hormones is just something that a woman has to deal with as part of a life process. I was then offered contraceptives. Those I’ve tried in the past has made the hormonal things ten times worse. If alternative therapy works then I’m willing to put more faith in that than traditional medicine (well the pharmaceuticals that are a money making industry).

I know that I have to give up the painkillers permanently. I can stop taking them temporarily but I need to be able to do it continuously and never go back on them again. It is just how I learned to cope when life kicked me down and the major things that have occurred. I don’t like the taste of the painkillers and they hurt my stomach. It is like I’m punishing myself on top of all the crap I’ve experienced in my life. There are times when I feel like I deserve that punishment though. I blame myself for having a form of Autism even though it’s not technically my fault.