I’ve thought about it and this is simply all that I need to not be affected by the past.

I have thought about what would make it right for me to be able to move on from the past. The only thing that could possibly at least dull the pain of my past is apologies from all those that let me down growing up. The local authority for letting me down in regards to a diagnosis as a child. This county’s Police/CPS for putting me down the Criminal Justice route in the first place. I would like a full apology from those that were involved in my Son being taken into care and his adoption. Also, the University that refused to support me and subsequently excluded me. I would appreciate apologies from a few individuals that have majorly let me down in life too. Oh and from various education places that have asked me to leave due to how my Autism affects me.

I don’t think it was fair that I was treated nastily due to how my Autism affected me and got punished for retaliating to horrendous things done to me. I am 99% sure that no one would let those things be done to them and not react. It is a human reflex to stand up for yourself if you feel attacked. You’d have to be an absolute saint not to let it anger you whatsoever. I long to get enough money together from a business perspective to stop the things that happened to me occurring for the next generation. I am aware that is probably a pipe dream. I just don’t want to allow the government or organisations to get away with not supporting people and then demonising those individuals for their issues. I hate seeing that because I’ve been through it and I know how much it hurts.

I’m passionate when it comes to fighting issues that have impacted on me personally. That is always the kind of person that I’ll be because it angers me. Vulnerable people, like myself, deserve support and understanding. They do not deserve to be treated like a health and safety risk to others. What about their health and safety? Many of those failed by our system end up with long term complex health problems caused by prolonged stress by a system that causes harm rather than prevents it. And, as far as safety goes, many of those that are failed go on to self harm or even commit suicide. The system is too one sided and biased in favour of the few that can afford private healthcare without having to wait on an NHS list. Those with money from certain social classes are able to legally fight children’s services because they have the resources.

We are denied the services which would have allowed us to be able to stop our children’s adoptions. We are pushed into a horrendous corner where we do not have the resources to preserve parts of our lives. I can’t even get an official Pathological Demand Avoidance diagnosis in this area because they don’t do it. That would be my proof legally that I was not given the appropriate support and I could use that to get compensation from the local authority. If I had a strong enough case (which I would have with that evidence) then I’d be able to get legal aid. I could also throw in emotional distress as an extra part of the claim but it wouldn’t work as an application for a civil claim as a standalone issue and that certainly wouldn’t be strong enough to get legal aid to cover court costs. Others have been successful at suing the local authorities that let their children down with SEN problems. However, it hasn’t been done enough times yet to judge whether this kind of claim has a significant chance of success in most cases involving claim for damages/compensation.

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  1. Have you made FORMAL complaints against the LA and the Police IN WRITING?(always post signed for or hand in and get a written receipt), I assume you have a dossier of evidence garnered from their records, which you ought to have got via Data protection requests? Also from data protection requests for your your hosipital records and your GP records etc. Cross reference across them all, note discrepencies and ommissions, note dates and persons involved. I’d consider that the first step. Then if they do not respond adequately, I’d progress your complaints up through all the stages of the complaints procedures till you get a result from an independent panel of investigators. Then take all that evidence to a solicitor and ask them how to proceed next. You can also use evidence from data gained from your and your childs police records to take a case to the Police Complaints Commision. You can take cases against individual social workers to their registration body the HCPC even if you cannot sue the council itself!! Failing all else, I’d apply to the Open University to do an online law degree with them, as long as you are not in any arrears with student loans, even if you have had one set, you can apply for fresh ones (I did this when undertaking my second Bachelors degree). DO NOT GIVE UP.


  2. If teh LA did not respond or did not respond satisfactorly then you write and ask for it to be progressed to stage two, and then stage three, and if the response if still unsatisfactory then you can take it to the Local Government Ombudsman for investigation. An LA cannot just fail to respond satisfactorily without being held accountable by the LGO. So if you haven’t exhausted all your options, you are not going to be getting any satisfaction anywhere along the line… in which case you can hardly moan about it to be honest.


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