Dispatches: Skipping School – Britain’s Invisible Kids.

I am watching this programme. I was one of these children way back before it became an issue that people started looking into. I was never home schooled but I was excluded from formal education as a child (due to not having an Autism diagnosis until after my school years were over). I never got to do my GCSE’s and passed absolutely nothing.

In all honesty when I’m asked my opinion about whether a struggling child with ASC/ASD issues should be pulled out of school then I say absolutely yes that is exactly the option that should be chosen. I am not bias due to my own experiences. I have seen more than myself be let down by the system when they’ve stayed in school. If they’d have gone on a home schooling programme they’d have got more education as a school aged child. A lot of them, including myself, could have avoided being directed into the criminal justice system which labelled us for life. That is what has happened to a vast amount of special needs youngsters in the UK. The more appropriate services were either never available in an area or too stretched to meet the needs of those with disabilities of a behavioural nature. The attitudes that due to cases which have made high profile news are also a barrier to people getting the right support. Others are paying for the mistakes that have already been done in the system. The over enthusiasm of child protection services come from extremely horrendous cases where children have died due to forms of parental abuse. Some of those parents had mental health issues which is why this group of parents get automatically referred to child services when a pregnancy is confirmed. I’ve known many parents with forms of Autism have to learn how to parent under the scrutiny of a child protection plan. If they don’t adjust to the role or have post natal depression type illness (as in my case). One mess up or even a false malicious report made by a person that doesn’t like them can lead to a child under 5 being forcibly adopted on child protection grounds.

When it comes to this county, there is a lot of things that this area covers up. This was mentioned in the programme tonight in relation to child protection and the way the services work. Those of us that have been in the system here know that going to the local authority for ‘help’ doesn’t improve things. In fact this is completely the opposite. We’ve had our lives destroyed by the local authorities so called ‘help’ throughout our lives. The things the local authority have tried to cover up I have tried to expose in the past. I’ve been followed in my car a long time ago when I was fighting to stop my son’s adoption. This local authority does try to shut people up but they know that they won’t do this where I am concerned. I haven’t been officially gagged because I do not name places or people on here as a rule. It is also treading on dodgy legal ground to actually put names on a blog.