Fat Analysis…. 3 years ago vs now.


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The first photo (one in the purple top w/blond hair) is a photo was taken 3 years ago. The second photo (one in the pink top w/mint hair colour) was taken today. I am really disappointed at myself for letting that much fat accumulate around my stomach. I don’t want to look so thick in photos. I did a lot of exercise last night to try to get rid of the fatty parts and now I feel stiff. I wish I was fitter because exercise never used to make me stiff for a few days. I saw cellulite on my bum which didn’t put me in the best mood when I looked in the mirror this morning. I don’t want to be the shape that I am. That shape doesn’t feel like who I am as a person. I would rather be the shape I was in the previous photo. I don’t understand how I still ate and drank the same things but back then I didn’t gain weight. I haven’t even had children in between. The first one was 4 years after I had my son. It isn’t logical because baby weight doesn’t come back after 6 years ish. I wouldn’t mind but I don’t eat much fattening things in comparison to others that still manage to stay as skinny as I was previously.