Month: February 2019

  • GP appointment done. More medication.

    I can’t say that I am thrilled by the solution that I’ve been given from the GP but I’m prepared to try the medication that I’ve been offered. I have been told to start taking my iron tablets again because my last tests for anemia came back saying I had low levels of iron. I raised […]

  • Impacts on my future that I will most likely have for life.

    I’m the one who seemingly always gets the finger pointed at me for causing long term damage. The things that have been done to me have damaged me long term. I wake up a lot from nightmares. Although that is nothing in comparison to never being able to enter any kind of relationship. I fear […]

  • And, I’m no longer quiet…

    I know that I didn’t post yesterday. I do go quiet occasionally on here. I’m still not feeling very well. I went for a walk today and yesterday but I am getting very tired. I need to really go through the flat tomorrow rather than going for a walk because I cannot avoid the mess […]

  • Local issues.

    I saw a bus from the other side of the County drive through here today. Both of the Campuses for this particular College are half an hour drive away from the locality where I live. However, they are class under a different district council. That isn’t my argument though. It seems that all the money […]

  • I have worked extremely hard for many years.

    I am absolutely sick of people who accuse me of not working hard enough in any aspect of life. The fact that I cannot always write things that read right is part of my learning disabilities. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t put any effort into whatever I have written. Yes, the editing on that […]