Irresponsible reporting by the media

I have just been in the local shop on my walk. I glanced over to the Newspaper rack (I don’t buy newspapers but I happened to look in that direction). I am trying to teach people to understand difference contending with my own past and headlines in national newspapers such as ‘The Sun’ doesn’t help my work. I see this headline (photo posted within this article). This makes me personally feel quite upset because people with Autism, like myself, are seen as ‘oddballs’. This doesn’t help the divide of misunderstands I am personally trying to counteract. I feel like everything I try to do to help others understand gets undone by those in the media. I have had enough of the demonizing of people who are different. In the opinion of a lot of society people who are different are seen as awful or evil.

I have learned to have self hatred for myself due to how I’ve been treated. The wording that the media uses is detrimental to those of us who have autism or a mental health issue ever being accepted by main stream society. I no longer go out because I am scared of others getting the wrong idea about me and reporting me to the Police. I shouldn’t have to live like that. I know that I’m not the only one that lives like this due to accusations that were made against them and punishment executed against them. I’m not pleased at this article. I haven’t even read it but I can see from the headline how the press have written this article. I feel like tackling the media head on. I think Newspapers that write articles like ‘The Sun’ should be shut down and if I had the money and influence I would try to get that to happen. I would try to control this irresponsible reporting when it comes to mental health problems, autism etc.49896791_2365294543701398_93247214624702464_n

One response to “Irresponsible reporting by the media”

  1. UK media is a sick joke. All of it: regardless of their supposed stance, they’re all the same, constantly trying to tell people what to think, and a large part of that telling them what to think is the relentless attacks on vulnerable minority groups, whether it’s autistic people, trans people, the disabled, anyone who’s poor, sick, provincial, disenfranchised and so on. They’re morally and ethically reprehensible and it says a lot that journalism is the one profession that’s even more distrusted than politics. And quite rightly.

    It’s become a symbol of power without responsibility and is a perfect example of why regulation is needed, and why self-regulation clearly doesn’t work. It’s caused immeasurable harm to politics and most institutions who are so cowardly and weak they feel they need to do as the media demands, and the egotistical bullies love it so they’ve just demanded more and more, much of it ever more ludicrous.

    On the plus side, their toxic, elitist and nasty views are not reflected by mainstream society and it’s no wonder people are switching off. The media is in crisis and is becoming ever more shrill in its attempts to stir up trouble to catch people’s attention. But they’re too thick to realise it’s making them totally irrelevant. They’re dying a death, and considering the harm they’ve caused, it can’t come quickly enough. Good riddance to them.


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