A day of little annoyances…

I had a day full of niggly little things going wrong. They weren’t huge on their own but when they happen one after another I start to feel like I’m fighting a losing battle. I woke up this morning thinking that I had organised everything for the day. It turns out that all the plans I’d made were changed by others. 

I had ordered a microwave at the weekend which was due to be delivered today. I get a text and an email this morning telling me that the order had been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. I then decided to just go to buy a decent reasonable priced one from the local supermarket. I couldn’t be bothered to redo everything I’d done at the weekend.

Then a few minutes after that email I received another one saying sorry we aren’t picking the charity bags up from your area for the time being… the last collection (you guessed it) was yesterday from this locality. I then decided to just pile all the clothes that I had in bags into my car and took them down the local clothing collection bank. It seems that today has been simply if you want something doing then you may as well do it yourself because all the systems of convenience seems to be malfunctioning.

I was trying to make my life easier while I was in the process of clearing things from my flat. I may as well just done what I ended up doing anyway because everything I arranged got messed up at the last minute. If the Snow materialises tomorrow then the two appointments that I have apparently will be cancelled anyway. I don’t think it will as we’re more likely to get rain where we are located. The weather is rather depressing at the moment. It’s grey and rainy here. There is no way I’m going out for a walk today.

I have extremely achy thigh muscles from doing muscle tightening exercises after quite a long break. I certainly feel the after affects of not toning up in a while. I did those exercises late Sunday evening. I can still feel it now and it’s Tuesday. Last night my muscles felt like they were going stiff. This was extremely sore but apparently that is a good sign of your muscles getting toned again. They do say that beauty is pain. I don’t want to tear my muscles because I know they’re not as fit as previously. If you tear a muscle then it not only is extremely painful but it takes a long time to recover. If I tore a thigh muscle then I probably wouldn’t even be able to walk far. It does take 1 to 2 days for muscles to recover from toning exercises. I should be fine by tomorrow…. unless I’m extremely unfit compared to what I used to be before having a break from exercising and walking. 

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