I’m neutral when it comes to siding with others. I can see both perspectives of this argument.

I can see both perspectives from the Autistic side and the Neurotypical side of the argument. I don’t want to upset anybody but I have found that some of the #actuallyautistic community are quite aggressive to anyone that disagrees with them. I used to be angry if others disagreed with my opinions but now I’m more chilled out. The Autistic community want to be accepted without having to change or ‘get rid of their autism’. Then the Neurotypical community are saying that those with Autism have to ‘learn to be normal’ or ‘train themselves out of the autistic behaviours to be accepted by society. On one hand I do not think it is fair on Autistic people to have to ditch their autism traits to be acceptable to society. However, it is unfair to expect the neurotypicals to accept our behaviours if they are scared of them because of not understanding. It’s not a nice way to be but the neurotypicals do have a right to chose to not understand. Those of us who have Autism also have a choice whether we understand neurotypical thinking. I can’t see a happy medium where both sides of this argument can work together.

Neurotypical’s and the society that they’ve created are not obliged to listen to the various awareness campaigns designed to help the public understand Autism. They do not have to make ‘reasonable accommodations’. There maybe a law saying this has to happen but they can get out of the legal obligations by saying there is a health and safety issue arising from a person’s condition which gives them an opportunity to ‘opt out’ of these clauses. I’m not saying that we should give up with trying to gain more tolerance of our autistic traits. Those that know me are aware that I’m not the type to give up on anything, even at my lowest there is still something that stops me completely throwing in the towel. I’m merely stating that neither side of the argument should be pushing their point too strongly. There will be no common ground established if both sides are very strongly opposed to the opposite view. I want to remain neutral because the book I’m currently writing is going to illustrate both these sides of the coin. I can’t say too much about my idea because I don’t want it stolen by other writers in my circle (got to know a lot before I started to write a book) or by some random person who happens to read this blog. I’m just going to try to write the book in such a way that it explores different points of view. The reader is even going to get a choice of three endings depending on what side they chose. That is all I can possibly say at this point due to not wanting any ideas stolen.

One response to “I’m neutral when it comes to siding with others. I can see both perspectives of this argument.”

  1. In a way I can understand ASD people getting quite militant as it seems that since forever we’re the ones who’ve had to make all the adjustments or simply be totally excluded from “polite society”. In my case I managed to “pass” pretty well as NT for years and years during which time I did all the properly approved NT stuff: I got an education, socialised, had a career that worked out well, had a house and big mortgage, flash car etc. But all I was going was storing up problems, plus it was just exhausting trying to keep it up for all that time, so the same thing happened with so many ASD people who “fake it” and I crashed and burned. That was years ago and there’s no way I could go back to that life even if I wanted to. Which I don’t, especially… But too many NT types do the whole “j’accuse” thing; admittedly not all, probably a small minority and I don’t consider us to be at war or anything, but as usual, the likes of the London Media Bubble just stoke that toxic negativity.


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