The number thing has started again :/

I wasn’t seeing repeated numbers much for a while but today I saw the number plates 333 DUC, 555 UNN and 444 MDC. This is in the order that I saw the cars with these number plates. I know people think I’m insane with this number thing but I believe that I’m seeing strings of information for a reason. I don’t know why I’m seeing this information but there is a message in it somewhere. That is why I took a mental note of the letters with the repeated numbers. It still makes absolutely no sense to my brain though. I’m sure that if it actually means anything then it will come into my head out of the blue… that’s how my gifts normally work… or in a dream.

I am thinking about clearing out my flat this week and I’m already tired. I should just do things and not think about them because I’d get more done then. I wear myself out before I even tackle these necessary tasks. But then I go into OCD mode which drives everyone crazy so I can’t really win. I don’t seem to be able to find a balance. That is common with PDA. There are some things that work on one occasion but not on another. I feel stuck a lot. I don’t get the right support from the council because they won’t even diagnose PDA in this local authority. I already have a diagnosis of Autism and borderline learning disabilities. If there was just some medication that actually worked properly for me then I’d be able to function a lot better. I’ve tried so many things in my life but nothing has truly been helpful for me. Then I get blamed for my behaviour issues like I’m not even trying to correct my issues. It isn’t right. I have worked hard to come as far as I have already. 

One response to “The number thing has started again :/”

  1. thank you for sharing this. I see patterns myself — numbers just bypass me, even with birthdays. Like I have a blank spot for them somehow — but I always see patterns and understand the stress of it in that way. ❤


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