I’m ‘OK’ on my own.

I’m fine on my own. It is far too late for me to get proper help now. I’m starting counselling next week but I’m pretty much given up at this point. I have lost everything in my life that I valued. Most of my life is irreparable. It’s far too late to get everything back that I lost. I’m hated. I’m seen as an awful person. I most likely will never have my Son back in my life because the adoption is closed with no contact regardless of changes. I don’t see myself ever having any more children. I’m certainly probably never going to be able to work due to my record and how everything has left me mentally. These mental scars can’t be repaired because they are deep rooted.

Too much damage has been done to me and around me. Nothing can now be reversed. As I stated above it’s all not repairable. Others could have decided to support me rather than condemn me. I may have done wrong in cases but others let me down and one day I hope that they realise that. I’ve been through hell and then treated like dirt. That isn’t right.