Certain things on the news regarding the local probation. The reality inside of the Criminal Justice System.

I do not like how the news puts certain bits of news. The local probation have said people are going to die because of funding cuts. That is fair but they then make out that all of the service users that are on their service are a major danger to other people. That isn’t the case and is simply unfair to imply that all those on the service are dangerous. Even some of the ones in Prison were those that had been let down by the system. They were also pushed into a corner and did something stupid because of the lack of services on the outside. There was only a small percentage of actually dangerous people locked up in the Prison population in comparison to those that had just got themselves into situations involving others or caused damage by accident due to circumstances.

Those that haven’t been in this system don’t know what goes on behind closed doors in reality. There are a lot of people, including myself, that shouldn’t have ended up involved in the Criminal Justice System. I am just fed up of the media and those in the media industry thinking that the way they portray things is right or even fair when it comes to specific groups of people within society. That was the reason why I wanted to go into Journalism from a young age. I always felt so frustrated when groups of people were singled out by either the media or people within society. That was way before I was diagnosed with a form of Autism.

I believed that I could change things. I found that no one listened to me because it’s harder to convince changes in attitudes than I thought as a youngster. I don’t have the ability to just sit back and not get involved with things I see as unfair. I wanted to change the way things were by going into that field of work but I now see how complicated life is in reality. We all see things differently and it’s so hard to find a way to get others to see things from different perspectives. The complexities of other people’s minds are extremely hard for me to understand. Things just aren’t as simple to explain to others that don’t think like myself or have the same life experiences.