#BlueMonday – Demand avoidance severe today.

Apparently today is the most depressing day of the entire year. I can’t really say that for me it has been any more depressing than other days of the year. I have still got a lot of things to sort in my flat. That is getting me down because just looking at it feels like it’s too much for me. I know that making a start on things is the hardest part. This seems to be where my PDA (pathological demand avoidance) really puts up a resistance. I just have a brain that wants to see tasks I find tedious as huge overwhelming mountains. The psychological perception of these tasks are skewed in my head. I even find it hard to make my brain agree to straighten my hair at times.


It isn’t a case of being lazy. I am just unable to deal with the sensory input which is involved in those tasks some days. I don’t like the way my brain seems to resist doing things but I have to just deal with it. There is no way of minimising the affects of PDA type Autism. There’s a constant battle going on in your head on a daily basis. When people used to tell me to stop with my behaviour issues this became a demand which my brain would strongly resist. I would then end up doing more of what got frustrating for others around me. I got highly distressed myself because I didn’t want to be that way towards others due to the fact that it pushed any potential friends away. I had to tell my brain that I wasn’t going to be that way otherwise I couldn’t do it since it just seemed like it was a demand due to others telling me not to do it. I used to want friends so badly so it wasn’t easy to make less effort in that area.

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I’m extremely tired today due to not sleeping well last night, which doesn’t help when it comes to getting the energy to do things in the flat. I did attempt to have a nap earlier but I woke up without any energy even after that. I’m in bed before 10pm tonight hoping to sleep a full 8 hours or more (if I can stay asleep that long). The cats have already made themselves comfortable but sometimes wake me up in the middle of the night wanting to go outside. I am trying to train them in this department but it’s quite difficult with cats being generally nocturnal in nature.