I’m slowly going from disorganised to organised…. at a snails pace but making progress.

I am aware that my flat isn’t looking perfect yet but it is looking a lot better. I’m trying to pace myself otherwise it will end up a demand but also use the little energy I have at the moment. I’m quite happy with the amount of things that I have managed to get done today. I caught up quite well considering I didn’t have much sleep last night and proceeded to accidentally fall asleep until lunch time after getting up to turn on the heating because it was freezing this morning. I got up at lunch time after I glanced at my mobiles clock only to realise that I’d majorly overslept. It’s not as bad as the days when I haven’t slept at night and then woken up at 3pm in the afternoon. I get really annoyed at myself when I sleep until that time because I feel like I’ve wasted a whole day. I look at myself as lazy when I do that despite knowing how exhausted I am in general let alone when I can’t sleep at night.

I deep conditioned my hair managing to somehow block the sink. That is another job for me tomorrow. The problem is most likely a hair ball because my thick hair sheds everywhere. I’ve had people tell me that I left bits of hair behind on their carpet after I was brushing my hair when I’ve been at others homes. They are rather distinctive hairs right now because I’ve got turquoise on the ends where it was bleached. I can’t really say it’s not my hair now like I could when it was Brown or Blonde. I find hair balls in my sink plug regularly but normally they don’t get stuck in the pipe lower down. I’m sure that I haven’t dropped anything down there. I do have a lot of hair which is going to get more challenging to wash as it grows longer. Longer hair strands also knot around things or even clumps together when it gets stuck in a sink. They also get stuck in the vacuum cleaner… along with my cat’s hairs. That is the reason I am forever cleaning out blockages from the hoover.

I’m waiting for my hair to dry before I go to sleep. I don’t want to use the hairdryer at this time of night because I live in a flat and we can’t make loud noises after 11pm until 7am. I have the television on until about half 11 but not very loud. I turned it off by 10pm tonight because there really wasn’t much on that I was interested in watching. I’m not a big fan of the television. The majority of the things on there I cannot stand. I prefer Netflix in small dosages because I can chose what I want to watch and there is no adverts. I don’t have a very long concentration span. I even don’t concentrate on conversations I’m having and sometimes I will actually look like I’m listening but I’ve drifted off elsewhere in my head.