I have no idea what I should do.

I have lots of different people telling me what different options to chose. I have got to the point where I am totally confused. I know what I want to do but I feel that it is probably not practical right now. I really want to move but I simply cannot leave this flat in the current state which it is right now. The lease doesn’t end until April and the plan was to decorate quite soon. I do want to move area as soon as possible but now is not an ideal time. I need to at least try to make the place look decent before I move out. I never wanted to come back to this area anyway. I don’t have happy memories here. I just don’t feel like I’m ready to make the move. It takes so much organising because moving home is a huge task. I know that I’m never going to settle down in this area. I know that it’s ultimately my decision but I’m very swayed by what others want on my behalf.

It seems that you get more confused by discussing things with friends. I’ve always been sure about the things that I want in life. However, others can add doubt into your head when they bring up things that you’ve not even considered. I need a fresh start but I need to chose the right time. I am quite sure that now isn’t the time to make that move. I do not like this area and I never liked it despite the fact that I grew up here. I need to have a plan but I don’t have one right now.