A few issues…

I shall start with an issue that has cropped up for me today. I had a smart meter installed when I changed to the company OVO. This company has since been taken over by Boost. The prices have been put up so I decided to try to switch. I found a company called E Energy that would save me approximately £11 per month. I have a pre payment meter which limits the choices of electricity companies available for me to use. However, the new energy company says they cannot switch me because of the smart meter which Boost (formerly Ovo) told me I had to have fitted to be able to use their service. I am going to try to seek advice on this issue because I do not feel that it is fair. I should be allowed to switch but the system that my current electricity/gas company fitted prevents me from changing my electricity/gas supplier. I have emailed them back to ask if there is any way they could take the system out and replace it with their system. I am yet to get a reply. I probably won’t get one if it is too much hassle for the company to arrange that.

The next issue is one that is familiar to readers of this blog. I’m not going to go on too much because I’m not wanting to antagonise others. I have a right to say that certain things are making me extremely uncomfortable. I am aware that someone else has been saying that I stalked them. This isn’t true. I do not wish to upset anyone else but a lot of what they assumed that I was doing materialised from them trying to figure things out in their own head. I wanted a friend. I had absolutely no idea that certain things upset them to an extreme level. I’m a lot less highly strung than them. They could have spoken to me about what upset them but they decided not to do that. Instead they made the choice to take up the issue with external systems. The sad thing about that is I’d actually had understood because I am open minded when it comes to mental health etc. I could have been a great student friend to them but they pushed me away due to not being honest with me about what had upset them. I may have a past but I’m not the same person as I used to be when I was a teenager. I was niave and that is why I so many mistakes with other people. I’m still youngish now. I have never had a relationship. I lack a lot of experience compared to others my age. Even those a lot younger than me have more experience than me. Please do not believe that I stalked the other person. I wasn’t kept informed of many things when I should have been.

I‘m a caring person. I literally stuck up for them when other students said that the tutor was weird etc. I chose only to see the good in them despite the bad points being so much more obvious to me. I got burnt for doing that. They got me charged with harassment for retaliating to being kicked out of University. I then was made subject to a restraining order which I did not deserve. I tried to tell them this but they just kept going to the Police. I cared about them but they obviously didn’t care about me because they’re referring to me as ‘their stalker’ behind my back. I’m not the bad one here. I said things in anger because I was rightfully annoyed after being kicked out of University when they told me that wouldn’t happen. I then tried to apologise and make friends with them a lot but they just rejected me. I have never followed them. It does severely affect me now. I had a nightmare last night where the other person made an appearence in the form of torturing a class of students. I was arrested by Police in my dream and shoved in an awful unfriendly place. That shows that I’m traumatised. I’ve also had other nightmares throughout the whole situation.