Today is just meh.

I woke up with the best intentions to get everything done. But I did a few bits and washed my hair only to end up feeling overwhelmingly tired. I’m wiped out. I even slept okay last night. I think it must be a delayed reaction to what I have been through. I used to be filled with energy to the point where at times it was like being ADHD. I wish that I had the energy to even go for a daily walk. I constantly feel cold too which means I use more heating. I hate feeling like this because it makes me feel like I can’t do anything properly without needing to nap. Nothing ever gets finished. I have been the GP. They assume it is part of depression but I was never this tired when I felt depressed. I don’t want to feel this tired any longer because I can’t function properly to do stuff in life. I have to sleep when I get tired because it is like a huge weight on me which I can only ease by sleeping.