Emotional tiredness.

I have begun to feel indifferent towards everything and everyone. I’m emotionally tired so I’m literally shutting myself down. I need a break from allowing myself to feel things. I find it extremely tiring. I never thought that there was such a thing as emotional tiredness until I started to feel this way. I have worn myself down so much that I have to shut down. I don’t even feel depressed but just neutral. I don’t feel happy either. I just am existing. I’m not encouraging anyone to disconnect from their emotions or anything but I found that it does helps me sleep etc. If I am not thinking about anything or emotionally connected to anything then sleeping its easy. I wish that I hadn’t emotionally invested so much in trying to stop my Son’s adoption and other things that didn’t work out for me. It was a waste of emotional investment and left me exhausted. The only things that are worth putting emotional investment into is the things that actually work out. Most of what I have emotionally invested in has been a waste of time. 

I’m loving my new vibrating hairbrush. It has made my hair silky. It needs washing soon but it’s not even got a build up of grease like it normally has by this time of the week. I remember trying the earlier vibrating brushes when they first came out about 7 years ago. They certainly weren’t like this one. The other one ripped the ends of my hair. This one just glides through my hair. The new one is a more sophisticatedly designed model with added negative ionic brush which prevents the static effect that caused the earlier ones to rip the hair. I cannot get over how much better my hair feels after using the brush. I don’t have naturally silky hair because it’s thick and coarse in texture. It takes a lot of taming to look half decent normally. The fibres in my hair feel like they’ve been pulled closed. It feels thick tamed rather than being thick and wild.